British Youth Championships 2016

Round up of the BYCs. Thanks to all the coaches for their work in helping our athletes achieve these results, Marie, Ken, Mike, Gavin , our resident referee David and our armourer Malcolm. Also thanks to those who were at the event and helped there too.

  • Saturday ( the quiet day!)
    • Fiona 13th U14 sabre
    • Duncan29th U16 foil
    • Dylan 39th U16 foil
  • Sunday
    • Hannah 13th U12 foil
    • Rhys 14th U14 foil
    • Gabriel 21st U14 foil
    • Fiona 28th U14 foil
    • Katrina 22nd U16 epee
    • Alex 23rd U16 epee
    • Lucy 44th U16 epee (Alex and Lucy met in the L64!)
    • Rory 23rd U12 sabre
  • Monday
    • ChloĆ© 16th U16 foil
    • Emma 19th U18 epee
    • Eddie 39th U12 foil
    • Dana 24th U14 epee
    • Ewan 34th U16 sabre
    • Jerry 49th U16 sabre

Lots of stuff learned (by me anyway!) and I am full of ideas for moving forward. For those of you old enough the cadet circuit ranking events have been published by BF.

Please discuss ASAP with your coach your goals and competition schedule.