Scottish Open 2016

The Scottish Open – 2016

The Scottish Open is a 6 Weapon Open fencing event held annually in Scotland’s beautiful capital of Edinburgh.

The event has been held in many different venues since its inception in the 1970s including Stirling University and (most recently) Meadowbank Sports Centre in Edinburgh. This season’s event was ran for the first time in the new Oriam at Heriot Watt University.

Day 1

This year day one was, Women’s Sabre, and Men’s Epee and Sabre,

West Fife had a couple of fencers competing in the Men’s Epee along with David McGhie and several alumni in the Men’s Sabre.

The final positions for our members were:

  • David McGhie – 7th Mens Sabre
  • Iain Fielding – 19th Mens Epee
  • Duncan Readle – 33rd Mens Epee

There was also a Men’s Epee secondary competition for all those who got knocked out prior to the last 16,

  • Iain Fielding – 3rd
  • Duncan Readle – 11th

Alumni results were Mark Alvares-Peres  – 9th, Lewis Clough – 11th and Ewan Robertson – 16th all in Men’s Sabre

Day 2

Day 2 saw foil for both men and women and also women’s epee,

Results were,

  • Sarah Barrett – 6th Womens Foil
  • Chloe Fielding – 21st Womens Foil
  • Katrina Dungay – 8th Womens Epee
  • Iain Fielding – 26th Mens Foil

Notable alumni results were, Duncan Morison – 2nd and Iain Russell – 5th, both in Mens Foil.

Sabre Finals

Men's Final

Woman's Final

Epee Finals

Men's Final

Woman's Final

Foil Finals

Men's Final

Woman's Final