Ken is a fantastic coach. You can tell he really cares about all his fencers and I think he was just as invested my results as I was - if not more! I'd say he goes far beyond what's required of the job and it's brilliant having that support there. He believed in me and pushed me hard to get the best out of me, but that's what you really need from a coach. And of course he's also a great fencer himself - I've seen him take on ten kids at once in a game of "pirates" and still win

Ali Evans

The best coach I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I would never have achieved as much as I have and become the person I am without him. I owe every Scottish, British and Commonwealth medal to him!

Kirsty Thomson

A lot of people in the fencing community from all over the world used to come up to me and tell me how much they admired my fencing style and enjoyed watching me on the piste and that is all down to Ken. The skills I learnt while at WFFC I took with me throughout my career. All I did was work on them a little harder and a bit more often when I moved away. A lot of my success was down to Ken and hopefully now with a dedicated fencing facility he can help more youngsters enjoy fencing and be just as successful as I was.

Jamie FitzgeraldCommonwealth Foil Champion

I could only describe the training and coaching from Ken as exceptional. I've never met anyone so dedicated to the sport or their students! He was always committed- pushing me to be the best fencer I possibly could be, but never in a way in which I felt too pressured, and it was always fun. As my confidence grew and I started attending competitions the unwavering support I and everyone from the club received was invaluable

Toni Lord

Good fencing coach with an eye for detail

Alex Monk